Meet Apollo

Apollo is a digital product application that allows customers to manage their bank accounts.

The new face of account security,


Move parallelly with modern security, and protect your account digitally.

Think Ahead

Bank Digitally!

Fully Digital and Instant

9% Saving Interest Rate

Deals & Discounts

Digital Card

Go Digital

Be part of the best banking experience with Apollo.

Security Simplified, Easy to Create

Easy to Protect

Who needs a pin when you have a fingerprint? Who needs photographs when you have a Face ID? 


Apollo Digital bank in Ethiopia.

9% Saving Interest Rate

Apollo offers you the highest interest in Ethiopia. Open Apollo Account today!


Apollo digital bank in Ethiopia

Conveniently Secure,

Do All in one with Visa card

Do you need a visa card? You are at the right place. With Apollo visa card, the possibilities are infinite.


Pay Digitally

Time for a change. Why hassle with physical cards when you can take your digital cards wherever you go?

Apollo Digital bank Payment.

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Apollo app link
Apollo app link