Save your Time, Bank Digitally

In a first-of-its-kind digital banking advancement in Ethiopia, Apollo offers world-class security with Face ID and Fingerprint.

Apollo Digital bank Face Scan

Convenience digitalized

Simplifying customer experience is always at the heart of our interest. With an appealing and user-friendly digital product, we offer the best banking services in the country.

Get closer to your account


You can now manage your bank account with your mobile device from the comfort of your bed, sofa or working space, you are a button away from having a bank account. It is as easy as that.

Apply For Instant Loan


Our microloan services allow customers to purchase without worrying about their accounts. Sign Up with Apollo to get a microloan service and boost your credit score.

From right to left pocket, account transfer has never been faster

Transfer is simplified like never before. With Apollo transferring feels like moving your money from your right pocket to your left pocket. Transfer between own accounts (from saving to checking account), transfer between BoA accounts, and transfer to other bank accounts with RTGS and EthSwitch are all a touch away on Apollo

Pay the bill and

take a chill


When you are eagerly waiting for your favorite show, your DSTV bill should be paid in advance. Apollo makes sure you do not miss a single episode or a single minute of your favorite sport by offering you its bill payment methods from the comfort of anywhere.

Time it and send it


Imagine being away for a certain period to a remote place. But you want to transfer money within that period. No problem at all. Now you can schedule a money transfer with Apollo, so when you are traveling or unable to access your account, Apollo does the transfer for you. You attend to your business, Apollo will take care of the transfer.

Get your Visa card with Apollo


Applying for a Visa Card on Apollo is as simple as touching a button on your phone. More interestingly the card comes to where you are to make your life easy. BoA delivers your cards at a place of your choosing.

It’s easy & DIGITAL

Having a hard time managing your card? Not anymore, Apollo is here to make your card experience as simple and as straightforward as possible

Get a new Debit card

Long queues and tedious forms for a VISA card? Not with Apollo. With a user-friendly interface, Apollo allows you to order your Visa Card without any problem.  

Set purchase and withdrawal limit

Don’t feel like going out and drawing money from the ATM? Want to give your card for a gift purchase? Set your withdrawal limit and make it happen with Apollo

View your card statement

Do you want to see your card transactions? With Apollo, viewing your card transactions is easy.

Change your Card pin

Security is a priority for BoA. When it comes to your Visa Card, we work tirelessly to make you feel protected all the time. Apollo offers an extra layer of protection by enabling an easy PIN change when you want it wherever you are.

Replace your Visa card

Have a card not working? Bring out that Apollo app and replace it.

Lock or unlock your card

when losing your visa card, you don’t need to call our operators or be present in one of our branches to report and block it. Apollo gives you power over your card.

Simplify your life,

go digital


with digital card, as long as you have your mobile with you, you can make any amount of purchase and payment of your choosing. You’ll also be able to utilize your digital card for online and in-app purchases. What are you waiting for? Switch to your digital card now.

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